About Us

Chemi is a proudly South African company that is primarily focussed on energy efficiency and addressing South Africa’s emission challenges by providing a range of high quality, raw chemical materials for our customers in the most effective and efficient way possible.


We are an experienced, enthusiastic team that specialise in bulk chemicals and solvents  and we have worked with various industry leaders across multiple industry categories to assist them in achieving their business goals. 

Due to our strategically positioned location, we can service various companies that operate in the chemical sector within South Africa and the greater South African region.  

Our aim is to be a trusted and reliable chemical supplier that will service the needs of our customers quickly and efficiently guaranteeing the best quality and service within this industry that we are proud to be in. 

With Chemi being a family run business, we pride ourselves on our work ethic and the products that we produce and we look forward to welcoming you to the Chemi family. 



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