What are the SLES 70% Industrial Uses

What are the SLES 70% Industrial Uses

What are the SLES 70% Industrial Uses?

SLES 70%, or Sodium Laurel Ether Sulphate, is a widely used and highly effective anionic detergent and surfactant that is renowned for its excellent cleaning properties.

As a leading supplier of high-quality and sustainable bulk chemicals and agents, Chemi has included SLES 70% in its range of offerings so that the numerous companies which we supply in South Africa can take advantage of its broadly applicable and highly effective cleaning properties.

As such, SLES 70% is used in a number of different cleaning products, including dishwashing liquid, shampoo, hand washes, and bubble bath, amongst others. SLES 70% is a highly effective agent in these products due to its excellent emulsifying, foaming, and wetting properties.

In this article, we explore the numerous industrial uses of SLES 70%, which provides superior cleaning capabilities that can match the particularly strong cleaning requirements of industrial and household applications.


What is SLES 70%?

SLES 70% is derived from palm kernel oil or coconut oil, making it highly biodegradable in nature, which is an important element in most industrial applications today.

As such, the ability of manufacturers to provide sustainable and environmentally friendly end products to the increasingly green-conscious global market is a vital element of gaining a competitive edge.

The biodegradable nature of SLES 70% is also in line with the values and ethos of Chemi, which works closely to provide sustainable options to the chemical sector of the Southern African market.

The naturally occurring plant oils from which SLES 70% is derived are processed through the ethoxylation of dodecyl alcohol, which is then converted to a half ester of sulphuric acid.

This remaining sulphuric acid is then converted to sodium salt, causing it to be neutralised, and creating a highly effective surfactant.

Surfactants are very popular for their versatile uses within the chemical industry. The molecular structure of surfactants – consisting of amphiphilic molecules – causes them to break down surface tensions. This is why compounds such as SLES 70% make such excellent degreasing agents.

The amphiphilic quality of a surfactant like SLES 70% means that they attach at either end to water and oil, absorbing them and breaking down the interaction between these compounds.

The break-up of this interaction between water and oil allows SLES 70% to effectively clean away oil and grease without leaving behind grime or residue that may still be attached to the surrounding water.

The powerful surfactant capabilities of SLES 70% mean that it has numerous applications with regards to its cleaning ability and therefore to the range of cleaning products for which it can be used.

SLES 70% has a low irritation level so that it is an excellent ingredient in personal care products such as shampoos, conditioners, and body washes, while it has no adverse effect on the skin when used in household cleaning agents such as liquid detergents and laundry detergents.

Added to this, SLES 70% is a very affordable chemical product allowing manufacturers to produce highly effective yet competitively priced end products, which in turn means that these companies can retain significant market share and grow their bottom line successfully.

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SLES 70% is an essential ingredient in the hair care industry

As noted above, SLES % has highly effective emulsifying and foaming properties, making it a superior ingredient for shampoos and conditioners.

SLES 70% is derived from coconut oil or palm kernel oil and produced through a process that causes the ethoxylation of dodecyl alcohol. The final product is water-soluble, creating great foaming and wetting power, an important component of any effective shampoo or conditioner.

SLES 70% enhances the efficacy of products in the personal care industry

The emulsifying and water foaming properties of SLES 70% make it an excellent ingredient for personal care products such as bubble baths or body wash.

Added to this, SLES 70% is recognised as a highly price-efficient ingredient, allowing these companies to provide their end products at competitive market prices.

SLES 70% is used in textile industries

SLES 70% is widely used in the textile industry as a wetting and cleaning agent. Its highly biodegradable nature means that it has a low environmental impact during these processes, while it is hard-water resistant allowing it to effectively clean a range of leather and textile products.

SLES 70% can also be used as a drying agent and is applied in the printing industry.

The powerful degreasing ability of SLES 70% makes it an excellent agent in cleaning products

Industries that specialise in the manufacture and sale of degreasing products such as liquid household detergents find great efficacy in the use of SLES 70%, recognised for its powerful degreasing properties.

The hard-water resistant nature of SLES 70% means that it can also break down calcification and build-up on household appliances such as kettles and washing basins, while its biodegradable quality means that there is the minimal environmental impact caused by water outflow from households or businesses where it is used.


Chemi is committed to providing leading products to the Southern African chemical sector at competitive prices, allowing our clientele to best serve the market sectors in which they operate with sustainable and ethically sourced chemical ingredients.

To this end, Chemi has included SLES 70% in its product offering in order to provide our clientele with a versatile and biodegradable product that is affordable and highly effective.

As a family-run business, we understand that our clientele will be serving families in households across South Africa and greater Southern Africa, which is why we are dedicated to sourcing chemical products that are safe, environmentally friendly, and efficient.

SLES 70% is a chemical agent which perfectly matches the profile of this ethos, and which enables industries to produce high-quality products that can be trusted and which reflect the promise of beloved brands used in houses and businesses throughout the region.

Our professional and highly trained team is able to deliver bulk chemicals at affordable rates, and we work closely to ensure that the multitude of businesses that use our products are able to deliver their best, every time.

Chemi is a well-established bulk chemical and SLES 70% supplier in South Africa. Get in touch with our team today.