Ethylol 95

Ethylol 95% suppliers in South Africa

It is widely used for a range of applications across various industries, with the chemical being added to products to give them that extra something to ensure optimal performance.

Chemi sells ethylol 95, along with all sorts of other, similar products, including ethanol, racing fuel. Our ethylol 95 is competitively priced and available to clients throughout South Africa.

Ethylol is closely connected to but not as strong as its counterparts, such as ethanol 99.9, and it is just as widely used. The chemical is quite affordable, it is easy to access, and it is safe to use, as long as you are aware of the dangers and know how to safely handle it. In many industries, clients looking to use ethylol will find that its diverse application is exactly what they need.

As ethylol 95 suppliers and by offering the best ethylol prices, Chemi is leading the way for the South African ethylol client base to access this chemical whenever they need it. We sell our products in bulk and can arrange for the product to be delivered to precisely where you need it.

Chemi is one of South Africa’s most reputable and available chemical and fuel supply companies. We supply and distribute a range of fuel related products at the best possible prices, and we source each of our products from only the best known companies. We do this to ensure that we never compromise on quality and that we can safely promise our clients the absolute best that the industry has to offer.

Our ethylol products are sold directly to customers, whether they are individual clients or bustling companies.

What is ethylol?

Ethylol is directly related to ethanol. It is an alcohol based chemical and since it is derived from ethanol, its makeup is much the same. Ethylol is commonly referred to as ethyl alcohol.

The chemical is colourless, like ethanol alcohol, and it is flammable, so when handling it, it is important to stay away from open flames. If accidently consumed in large quantities, the chemical can be deadly, so it is best to avoid drinking it in its pure form.

The chemical is used as a solvent and is often used in the synthesising of organic chemicals. It can also be used as an additive in fuels. But the most common use of all, is its use in the manufacturing of alcoholic beverages.

Most companies buying ethylol alcohol for the manufacturing of alcoholic beverages will end up reducing the amount of alcohol that will end up being part of the beverage. Only the highest quality ethylol should be used for the manufacturing of drinks, and at Chemi we go out of our way to give our clients the best.

Other than the production of alcohol, there are a few other ways that the use of ethylol can be brought into various industries.

From personal care and wellbeing, to tough cleaning solvents and products used to coat and treat wood, the uses of ethylol alcohol are, as we’ve already stressed, quite extensive.

  • Personal Care

The product is quite often used in the manufacturing of all sorts of facial and beauty care products. The chemical can also be included in astringents and other types of toners. The quantity of ethylol, in these cases, is likely to be minimal as an overabundance of the chemical can lead to skin drying out.

  • Wood Care

Some of the more notable applications of the chemical relates to wood working and care. The chemical ethylol alcohol is used as a solvent in things like lacquers and lacquer thinners, primers, and varnishes.

Other interesting applications of the chemical includes being a solvent in liquid printing inks, stain removers, and foundry dressings. It is also used in etch primers. Finally, the chemical is often the raw material for xanthates, acetates, and mixed alkylated glycol ether while it is also an ingredient in air fresheners, latex rubber production, and industrial strength detergents.


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Safely Working with Ethylol 95

Ethylol 95, as well as the other varieties, come with certain hazards when being handled. You need to make sure that when working with this chemical, you do so safely. The chemical should never be consumed in high doses, as it can be deadly. The chemical is highly flammable and should never be exposed to an open flame.

You should also try to not inhale too much of the chemical. Ethylol 95 is incredibly strong and can burn the nose when inhaled. Inhalation can also cause headaches and coughing fits.

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The Chemi Approach

After many years of working with chemicals and fuels of all kinds, Chemi has become one of South Africa’s leading companies in the industry. The ethylol 95 solvent is one of the products that we sell, and as with our other products, we can arrange for the product to be delivered to any destination throughout South Africa.

It is our mission to supply our clients with top quality ethylol and we also aim to give our clients the best ethylol 95 prices. Along with our top ethylol products, we also supply diesel, racing fuel, and ethanol 99.9.

At Chemi, our clients are always put first and we make it our goal to always try to help clients get exactly what they need. Our consultants are experts in their field and they make things easy for clients by answering any and all enquiries.

We supply our ethylol products in different quantities and each of our products is sourced directly from suppliers who we trust and have built long lasting relationships with. This guarantees that all of the products are of the same standard, regardless of when you buy them.

Should you require any more information about our products and services, you can contact Chemi. We’ll send you the information you are looking for and we will help you find the products that best suit your needs, no matter how specific they might be.

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